The Home Decor Crafting Guide

Windows and Window Treatments

window-plain A basic white, framed windowpane can be made fairly easy. First, make some wood-framed glass blocks from the Building Blocks section of this modpack (one wood block above one glass block, as mentioned in the building_blocks section). Then combine one of those with four portions of white dye as shown here. Yields 8.
window-quartered You can make one of those windowpanes into the type that's visibly divided into four quarters by combining one of them with two sticks and an additional portion of white dye, as shown here. Yields 1.
stained-glass Some homes have fancy stained glass similar to what you might find in some houses of worship. Craft it from a block of glass or glass pane from the default xpanes mod, and one each of red, green, blue and yellow dyes, in the pattern shown here. Yields 1.
curtains-overview Zoom

Craft wooden curtain rods from three sticks in a row. Yields 3.

...or use three wrought iron poles to make wrought iron curtain rods. Yields 3.

...or use three brass poles to make brass curtain rods. Yields 3.

Craft the actual curtains from three blocks of wool in a column. Yields 3.

Window curtains and curtain rods: This mod supplies a small range of cloth curtains in two shapes, and curtain rods in three materials. Curtains are available in six colors: Red, Green, Blue, Violet/Purple, Pink, and White. When first crafted and placed, the curtains are "closed". You can open and close them with a right click, but this action only works if the curtain is hanging from a curtainrod. In any other case, the curtains remain "closed".

Place three wool of one of those colors into the crafting grid in a vertical line. Yields 3.

For the curtain rods, craft three sticks, three brass poles (the round ones), or three wrought iron poles (the square ones, not the fences) in a row as shown in the images to the left. Yields 3 in any case. When placed, this object will appear at the bottom of the node, all the way at the back, so that it lines up with the above curtains.

windowblind-thin If you're more of the spartan type and prefer horizontal blinds, you can make those also. Combine two sticks, a plastic sheet, two sets of plastic strips, and one string in the pattern shown here. Yields one set of blinds.
windowblind-thick If you'd rather get a thicker set, simply use four sets of plastic strips, with the extra two sets placed to the right of the first two, as in the second picture.

Window Shutters

shutter-oak Basic Window Shutter: Craft six sticks vertically in two columns on either side of the grid. Yields 2 bare wooden window shutters. Note that these are decorative - that is, they don't move. Also, as usual "oak" refers to the color, not what it's made of. These can then be colored using various kinds of dye, by crafting four oak shutters with one portion of dye, in any positions. Yields 4 in each case.


Dark Grey
(requires UnifiedDyes dark grey dye)

Medium Grey





Forest Green
(Hello, Dolly! :-) )

Light Blue
(requires UnifiedDyes light blue dye)