The Home Decor Crafting Guide

Roofing Materials

shingle_wood1 Wooden Roof Shingles: Craft two sticks and two wood blocks in a 2x2 pattern as shown here, anywhere in the grid (you can switch the positions of the sticks/wood also). Yields 12.
shingle_terracotta1 Terracotta Roof Shingles: Craft four terracotta pieces in a square, in any position. Yields 1.
shingle_asphalt1 Asphalt Roof shingles: Craft three plastic sheets along with two portions of gravel spread, two sand blocks, and two portions of black dye, in exactly the pattern shown. Yields 6.
skylight Glass Skylight: Craft four large tabletops in a square, in any place on the grid. Basically results in a glass shingle. Yields 9. Recyclable.
skylight_frosted skylight_frosted-to-plain
You can place a glass skylight back into the crafting grid along with a portion of white dye to get the translucent, frosted variety. Yields 1.

If you need to get the clear kind back after frosting it, cook it in a furnace.


Basic slope

"Inside" corner.

"Outside" corner.

Reverting back to flat.
In addition to the above recipes, you can also craft wood, terracotta, or asphalt shingles into a few other shapes as shown below. You can also use slopes to make the corner pieces, using the same patterns as with the flat shingles. Skylights are an exception to these recipes: Only the regular slope may be crafted. The two corner shapes are not available in that style. Also, when crafted, the sides/edges turn brown to suggest a wooden frame.

Three flat shingles in a horizontal line yield three slopes of the same type.
Three shingles in an "L" shape as show yield three "inside" corners of that type.
Three shingles in an upside-down "v" yield three "outside" corners of the same type.
Three slopes in a horizontal line yield three flat shingles.
For terracotta, any of the four shapes can be recycled back into tiles by placing two of the same shape side by side. Yields 8.