The Home Decor Crafting Guide

Paintings and Pictures

blank-canvas This modpack offers a large number of decorative wall-hung paintings. To get one, first craft a blank canvas from four sticks and some white wool in the pattern seen in the first picture here. Yields one blank canvas.

Then, place that canvas in the middle space of the bottom row of the grid, and fill the top two rows with dyes of various colors, in patterns that approximate the colors used in the paintings. See below for the an overview image of what's available, and recipes for each of the individual paintings.

paintings-overview Zoom

painting1 painting2 painting3 painting4
painting5 painting6 painting7 painting8
painting9 painting10 painting11 painting12
painting13 painting14 painting15 painting16
painting17 painting18 painting19 painting20
picture-frame Also available are small desktop/tabletop pictures. This one depicts the older "Sam" player model. Craft it from a blank canvas, a stick, one brown dye and one green dye. Yields 1.

Textures for this picture and the one below contributed by Jordach.

picture-frame This one depicts Jordach's "Minetest Family". Craft it from one canvas, one stick, one green dye, and one blue dye. Yields 1.