The Home Decor Crafting Guide


textured-ceiling-paint Textured Ceiling Paint: Craft one bucket of water with one block of sand and two portions of white dye. Yields 20 square meters of textured paint and returns an empty bucket.
drop-ceiling-tile White Drop-Ceiling Tile: Craft two steel ingots, one smooth stone block, and one portion of white dye. Yields 10.
pole-brass Brass Pole (requires Moreores or Technic): Place three brass ingots in a vertical line. Yields 4 cylindrical brass poles.
pole-wrought-iron Wrought iron pole: Similar to the brass ones above. Craft three iron lumps in a vertical line. Yields 4 square-cross-section poles (unlike fences, these and the above brass poles are drawn without connecting rungs, so they're good for lamp posts).
rug-small Small Throw Rug: Craft four Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black wool or cotton (must be one or the other, don't try to mix them), in any position. Yields 8.
rug-large Large Area Rug: Craft two of the above small throw rugs in any position. Yields 2.
rug-persian Small persian rug: Craft it from one blue wool, two yellow wool, and two red wool in the pattern shown. Yields 8.
tatami Japanese tatami mat. Pretty simple, right? Well, we don't have reeds in this game, but we have wheat, which is pretty close. So, craft one of these from three sheafs of wheat in a row. Yields 1.
3dfurniture_bars Bars: These can be used for multiple purposes, most notably a basement window or for a sort of medieval castle look, or maybe the windows/gates/doors on a jail cell as well. Craft them from a row of three steel ingots above a row of three wrought iron poles (not the fences), as shown. Yields 6.
3dfurniture_bars_corner Corner bars: The same as above, but fashioned to carry the above bars around the corner of a building. Craft three of the above regular bars into an L-shape. Yields 3.
wall-chains Chains: A pair of wall-mounted chains, purely for decorative purposes. Craft them from four steel chain links and two steel ingots, in the pattern shown here. Yields 4.
fishtank Decorative fish tank: These beauties can be crafted from four glass at the sides, a bucket of water in the middle, two sheets of plastic and a white glowlight cube at the top, and a portion of gravel spread at the bottom-center, in the pattern shown here. Yields one fish tank and one empty bucket. When right-clicked, the light in the tank turns on/off. Sorry, the fish don't move around yet. :-)
pool-table Your basic pool table. You know, every house has one of these, right? Er...they do, don't they? Well even if they don't, you can have one in your Minetest world anyway! Craft it from three dark green wool, three hardwood, and two hardwood slabs in the pattern shown here. Yields 1.
box Basic cardboard box: Just moving in? Well you'll need something cheap to hold your stuff, and this should do nicely. Craft 7 sheets of paper as shown. Yields 2, and they have a small inventory just about right for holding a few things.
box Small cardboard box: Smaller version of the above, with a smaller inventory. Craft it from 5 sheets of paper. Yields 2.
welcome-mat-green Let's not forget to welcome people into your home! Craft a basic green welcome mat from three dark green wool and one portion of white dye in the pattern shown here. Yields 2.
welcome-mat-brown welcome-mat-grey
You can also make these in grey and brown, using grey or brown wool, and black dye in both cases.
inbox This basic mailbox allows users to send items to other users in a multiplayer server. It acts like a one-way locked chest - that is, you can put stuff into the one slot that is offered, but only the owner of the mailbox can take stuff out.

Craft it from 6 steel ingots in the pattern shown here. Yields 1.

doghouse If you have mankind's best friend, surely you'll want to provide the little pooch with his or her own little home to stay in. So, here's a simple doghouse! Craft it from three terracotta shingles (the flat ones only), four wood blocks (any kind of wood will work), and one terrycloth towel, in the pattern shown here. Yields 1.

This object stands 1.5m tall (so, occupies two nodes). Contributed by jp.

trash-can Every home needs some place for trash to go. Here's a decorative wastebasket/trash can for that purpose. This one's designed more for a bedroom, bathroom, or home office/computer room than a kitchen but who knows what people will do with it. Decorative only - you most likely already have a "Trash" slot in your inventory. Craft it from two spools of steel wire and three steel ingots in the pattern shown here. Yields 3.
green-trash-can There's also a covered trash can, more useful for the kitchen. Craft it from 7 plastic and one green dye. Punch it to take the lid off or put it back on. Yields 1.
cobweb In most buildings, there's some unused space, usually an attic or basement. Well unused by humans anyways. But, we all know that those little six- and eight-legged critters tend to fill such spaces. Since we don't have anything that naturally spawns them, in this mod there is a stand-in for output of those little arachnids in particular - a basic cobweb. Craft it from five string in an "X" shape. Yields 5.

When placed, Home Decor will search for a corner to put it in at an angle, or walls to hang it between, or a wall to lay it flat onto, or if all else fails, it'll place a plantlike version.

well Some homes have a well somewhere near the house, particularly out in the country, so here's a traditional well head. If you wield a bucket and punch the well, it'll fill the bucket with water. Craft it from three wooden shingles (the flat ones only), two blocks of wood (any kind), one stick (any kind), and two blocks of cobble, in the pattern shown here. Yields 1.
coat-tree Most homes have a coat rack/coat tree standing near the main entrance. Here's one that should fit the bill! Craft it from four sticks and one block of wood (any kind) in the pattern shown here. Yields one, which stands 2 nodes tall.
coat-rack-wall If you'd rather make the variety of coat rack that fastens to the wall, we have one of those, also. Craft it from two sticks (any kinds) and one of the wooden curtain rods in a row, as shown here. Yields 1.
dartboard Here's a decorative dartboard for your home or maybe for a bar/pub. You can't throw darts at it, but at least it adds another item to hang on the wall anyway. Craft it from five plastic sheets and one each of black, white, dark green and red dyes in exactly the pattern shown here. Yields 1.
piano Need a little music in your house? Build a piano! Well, like most stuff in this modpack, it's just decorative. Craft it from three hardwood, a steel block, two spools of steel wire (which together with the steel block represent the piano wire on its harp), one brass ingot, and a set of plastic strips (represents the keys) in the pattern shown here. It's two nodes wide, so aim at the spot where the left end should go. Yields 1.
trophy Want to show off your accomplishments? Craft a trophy! You can make it from 4 gold ingots and two wood (any kind that's in the wood group) in the pattern shown here. Yields 3.
desk-globe The desk mentioned earlier looks a little boring with nothing on it but a lamp. Here's a globe. Craft it from threre plastic, three sticks (any kind), one green dye, one blue dye, and one wooden slab (either the standard one or the Moreblocks one). Yields 1.
wall-shelf You'll need a shelf to put that trophy on, and this would be good for holding other small items as well. Craft one of these from a small square wooden table top and two wooden curtainrods. Yields 2.
sport-bench Feel like working out? Well if you can lift a couple of steel block slabs, this sport bench is for you. Craft it from two of those steel block slabs, a wrought iron pole, four steel ingots, and two black wool blocks, in the pattern shown here. Yields 1.
skateboard Maybe you'd rather just skate around to get your exercise? Or at least make it look like you do? Make a skateboard for that! Craft one each of yellow, green, and blue dyes, plus three small square table tops and two steel ingots in the pattern shown here. Yields 1, which can be placed on the floor or hang on a wall or ceiling.
stonepath If you need to build a nice path, we've got just the thing! Most homes have these path stones somewhere around the property, made of flagstone or similar. Craft five stone slabs in an "X" shape to get them. Yields 16. You can use Moreblocks' stone slabs here as well (must all be the same).
stonepath-alt Also, you can use the thinnest cut of Moreblocks' stone micro blocks (top row, far left in the circular saw). Cut some of those up and craft five of them in an "X". Yields 3 in this case, but this is less wasteful than using full slabs.
treeswing If you'd like to hang a swing in one of your back-yard trees, here's one that should be just right! Craft it from six string and one wooden slab in the pattern shown here. Moreblocks wooden slabs work here too. Yields 1.

To use this one, you must point at the underside of the tree leaves, or any other bottom-side horizontal surface, and then try to place it there. The code will search downward from there to find the ground (to a maximum of 4 meters) and then it will hang some rope and put the swing at the bottom of it. If there aren't at least two vertically-adjacent empty/buildable_to nodes directly below the leaves (or whatever you hung the swing from), the code will warn you and will refuse to place the swing.

If you need to remove it, just dig the swing seat and it'll take the rope with it.

treeswing-alt You can make these using the thinnest cut of Moreblocks wood panels also (top row, second from the left in the circular saw). This is less wasteful than using a regular slab.
book-blue A simple book. These can be placed on a table and punched to open and close them. Once opened, you can right-click on the book to write in it. Written books can be dug and kept in a bookshelf (or whatever you prefer to store them in). Craft one from a single default book and a portion of dye. Available in blue, brown, green, grey, red, and purple. Yields 1.
calendar Want to know the date? Well, can't help you there, but at least this mod has a decorative calendar (always reads "Jan 1."). Craft it from one red dye, one black dye, and a sheet of paper. Yields 1.
wine-rack Feel like a bit of bubbly or spiritus fermenta? Build yourself a wine rack! Craft it from six of the four-pack brown bottles from above, and three of any kind of wood, in the pattern shown here. The inventory item shows four bottles, but don't let that throw you, as the in-game model is designed to look like it has 24 bottles, so the recipe actually fits perfectly. Yields 1.
tool-cabinet Here's a tool cabinet of the kind some people keep in their garage. Craft it from two drawers, four steel ingots, a motor (which represents the drill press that sits on top), a steel axe, and a steel pick. Holds a small inventory. Yields 1
flowerpot-black Black Plastic Flower Pot: Craft five sheets of plastic in a U shape with a dirt block in the middle and three portions of black dye across the top. Yields 1.
flowerpot_green Green Plastic Flower Pot: Craft five sheets of plastic in a U shape with one dirt block in the middle and one portion of green dye in the middle of the top row. Yields 1.
flowerpot-terracotta Terracotta Flower Pot: Craft five terracotta pieces in a U shape with one dirt block in the middle. Yields 1.
window-planter-terracotta If a freestanding flowerpot isn't the right style, maybe you'd rather make a window box planter to hang outside? Here's one in terracotta. Craft it from a block of dirt and three terracotta tiles as seen here. Yields 1.
small-flowerpot All the above flowerpots just too big? Make a small one then, in brick/terracotta. Craft it from three bricks, as shown here. Yields 1.
small-flowerpot Combine the above small flowerpot with a sapling (for a bonsai tree), cactus, or any of the default flowers, to get an all-in-one-node potted flower/plant. Yields 1.
spiral-stairs If you're limited in horizontal space but you want to add some stairs (rather than a ladder), maybe a spiral staircase will work? Craft if from three wrought iron poles and three steel blocks. Note that this item stands 3 nodes tall and 2x2 nodes in horizontal size. When you place it, aim where the bottom step should go - the back, right corner of the 2x2 footprint. The staircase will spiral around to the left and toward you. You can stack these vertically - the code will attempt to detect when you're trying to do so and will auto-align their rotation. Note that the top step is glitchy due to a collision bug in the engine - you will fall if you don't jump up and over the top two steps. Yields 1.