The Home Decor Crafting Guide


Basic Yellow Glowlight Fixture: These are slab-sized rectangular light fixtures, and are mostly intended for exterior lighting, e.g. a porch light, or under the corners of eaves, etc. Craft one power crystal in the middle flanked by a piece of regular glass at each side as shown. Yields 6.

You can also craft one Moreblocks super glow glass at the left, one Moreblocks regular glow glass in the middle, and another super at the right, in a horizontal line.

These and all of the other glow lights and glow cubes below will flip to floor, ceiling, or wall depending on which of those surfaces you are pointing at when you place one.

glowlight-thin-yellow Thin Yellow Glowlight Fixture: Similar to the above, these are half the thickness of the above (that is, a so-called "quarter" slab). That being the case, they also give off a bit less light than the full-size ones above. Craft three thick glowlights in a horizontal line to get these thin ones. Yields 6.
Small Yellow Glowlight Cube: This is basically a 1/8-sized cube-shaped light source. Craft one piece of plain glass directly above a power crystal. Intended for use as yard/sidewalk lighting, porch lights, etc. Yields 16.

Alternatively, you can craft one Moreblocks glow glass directly above one Moreblocks Super Glow Glass.

You can also get four of these by placing a single thick glowlight into the crafting grid.

Basic White Glowlight Fixture: Just like the yellow ones aside from their color. These white ones are intended to be used for interior lighting, though of course what you do with them is entirely up to you. :-)

Craft three white dye in a horizontal line, then below those, place a power crystal flanked by two regular glass.

You can also use three white dye with the "alternate" Moreblocks-based super-regular-super glow glass pattern in a horizontal line right below them

Yields 6 in either case.

glowlight-thin-white Thin White Glowlight Fixture: Similar recipe to the thin, yellow glowlights. Craft three slab-sized white Glowlights in a horizontal line. Yields 6.
Small White Glowlight Cube: Just like the yellow version. Craft one power crystal at the bottom, a piece of plain glass in the center, and a portion of white dye at the top, in a column. Intended for use on top of short lampposts, e.g. for yard/sidewalk lighting.

Alternatively, you can use one white dye immediately above one Moreblocks Super Glow Glass. Yields 8 in either case.

You can also get four of these by placing a single thick glowlight into the crafting grid.

glowcube-to-glowlight Got too many white or yellow glow cubes? Craft four yellow or white cubes (must all be the same color) in a square to get a thick regular glowlight of the same color.
lattice-lamp-large If the above lamps aren't the style you want, try these "lattice" style lamps instead. Craft them from four sticks (any kind that's in the sticks group), one wood-frame glass, one power crystal, two portions of black dye, and one portion of yellow dye, in the pattern shown here. Yields 2.
lattice-lamp-small You can split the above large lamps into a smaller variety that's the size of the yellow and white "glow cubes" elsewhere in this document by placing one back into the crafting grid. Yields 8. These are not recycleable.

The textures for these smaller lamps are borrowed RHR's lantern mod.

3dfurniture_lamp Basic table lamp: Maybe you just don't need overhead lighting in a particular room. In that case, this ought to do just fine. Craft it from two pieces of paper, one torch, one stick, and one wooden slab (either the standard one or the one from moreblocks/stairsplus). Punch it to cycle between its "off" state and four brightness levels. Yields 1.
standing-lamp You can get a standing-on-floor version by putting a lamp back into the crafting grid and adding two sticks below it, as shown here.

You can directly craft the lamp in the color you want...

Or you can just dye the lamp(shade) after making it.

The standing lamps are available in those colors.

You can also just dye a white standing lamp if you want.
You can also get these with different-colored lampshades, specifically in blue, pink, green, red, or violet, by crafting the lamp as shown here, substituting wool blocks of the appropriate color in place of the two sheets of paper shown in the original recipe (e.g. two blue wool produces a blue lamp, etc). Or, you can place one of the plain lamps back into the crafting grid and add a portion of dye of the appropriate color.

Standing lamps are available in all of the same colors, just place the appropriate color of lamp into the crafting grid along with two sticks, or if you already have a plain one, put it in the crafting grid along with some dye.

3dfurniture_lamp Or, if you'd rather have one to put on your desk, try this one. Craft it from a steel strip, a white glowlight cube, a spool of copper wire, two sheets of plastic, and one color of dye - either red, blue, green or purple. Yields 1, in the color implied by the dye.
exterior-hanging-lamp Here's a basic, exterior wrought iron lamp that hangs from the ceiling - like the kind some homes have outside the main entrance. Craft it from 6 iron lumps and a large lattice lamp. Yields 1.
exterior-hanging-lamp Here's what is essentially the wall-mounted version of that lamp. Craft it from 4 iron lumps and one large lattice lamp. Yields 1.
exterior-wall-lamp Another type of exterior wall lamp, this one is made to look more medieval. Craft it from two iron lumps, two sticks, and one large lattice lamp. Yields 1.
exterior-ground-lamp Here's a floor/ground lamp similar to the above three. Sort of like the kind you might use to outline your driveway. Craft it from 6 iron lumps and one torch. Yields 1.
3dfurniture_torch Fancy metal torch: If you want more of a medieval look to your home, use these instead of the above lighting options. They're designed to look like they attach to a wall (but can be placed on the ground also) and emit a fair amount of light. Craft one from a steel ingot and a piece of coal as shown. Yields 10.
oil-lamp Here's an oil "hurricane" lamp. Yep, like the paraffin, you knew somewhere in the back of your mind that oil was gonna be used for something! Craft it from two steel ingots, a glass bottle, a piece of string, and a portion of oil extract in the pattern shown here. Produces more light than a candle, but less than a torch. Yields 4.
oil-lamp This modpack also carries a more traditional tabletop variety of oil lamp. Basically the same crafting recipe as the above, except for iron lumps instead of steel. Yields 1.
candle Simple wax candle. Ok, you knew that paraffin mentioned earlier had to be used for *something* when it was introduced to replace the old "plastic base" item. This is it! Craft two portions of paraffin with one piece of string. Yields 2 candles. They produce less light than a torch but that's okay, they're supposed to (it is supposed that torches burn hotter).
candle-thin A smaller, thinner version is also available. Craft one paraffin and one string as shown. Yields 4.
candlestick-brass A plain candle is a little boring, so here is a way to put one into a candlestick - just craft one of the thin candles (not the thick ones) with a brass ingot. Yields 1.
candlestick-wrought-iron You can also use an iron lump to get a wrought iron version. Yields 1.
wall-sconce Alternatively, you can put a candle into a wrought iron wall sconce. Craft it from three iron lumps and one thick candle. Yields 1.


Also available are steel/wrought iron and brass chandeliers with a nice animated flame, derived from Doc's "chains" mod. Designed to hang from the "hanging" chains seen in the "Basic Materials" section of this Crafting guide, these can be crafted from three steel or brass ingots and two chain links of the same material, plus two torches, using the pattern seen here. Yields 1.
hanging-lamp For a more contemporary type of hanging lamp, try this one. Craft it from two glass, one white glowlight cube, and one brass chains "top" section. Yields 1.
lava-lamp Ok, maybe that was TOO comtemporary. How about a nice, mellow lava-lamp, man? Craft it from one black wool, a bucket of water, and wool of another color - available colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Yields 1.
plasma-ball Here's a fancy animated plasma ball, just like the kind that were really popular in the 1980's! Craft it from three glass, one copper ingot, two plastic, and one power crystal as shown here. Yields 2.
plasma-lamp Also available is a "plasma-storm" style cubical lamp. This one can be crafted from four glass and one power crystal in the pattern shown here. The craft will appear to create an empty frame, so the inset is included in this screenshot to show what it looks like when it's placed into the world. Yields 1.