The Home Decor Crafting Guide

Kitchen appliances and related

In the cabinets and fridge below, most have a lockable version, which can be made by first crafting the unlocked variant, and then crafting one of those along with a steel ingot.


Conventional Oven: A functional kitchen oven, just like it sounds. Really it's just the default furnace with new textures and crafting recipe. Craft five steel ingots along with three heating elements and one plain glass or Moreblocks iron glass, in the pattern shown here. Yields 1 oven with a stainless steel finish.

To get a regular enameled white one, put it back into the crafting grid and add two portions of white dye.

microwave Microwave Oven: Like the conventional oven, this one can cook stuff, but it does so at a faster rate. The caveat of course is that it has a smaller output capacity than the conventional oven or furnace. Craft five steel ingots along the top and left sides, one plain or Moreblocks Ironglass in the center, a copper ingot at the bottom, an IC at the right-middle, and a power crystal at the lower-right, in the pattern shown here. Yields 2.


Refrigerator: A basic kitchen fridge. Carries an inventory of 50 slots (10x5) and stands two nodes tall. Craft 6 steel ingots in the two side columns, and in the center column put one homedecor small white glow cube, one default copper block, and one clay block (you can get that one by first crafting four clay lumps in a square). Yields 1, with a steel finish. To get the enameled white kind, put this one back into the crafting grid and add three portions of white dye.


"Formica" colored top using a regular wooden slab

"Formica" top with thin wood Stairsplus slab

Steel top with regular steel ingots

Steel top with thin Stairsplus steelblock slab

Marble top with Building Blocks slab

Marble top with thin Technic/Stairsplus slab

Granite top with thin Stairsplus slab
Ok let's face it. Play the game enough and you have to eat. Do that and you're gonna dirty-up some dishes. Well in theory. For that, we have a dishwasher!

Craft it from the items you see at the left. They are an IC, a chainlink fence (represents the racks the dishes go on), three steel ingots, a showerhead (represents the sprayer), a motor, a heating element, and a bucket of water. You can use a Technic motor in this recipe if so desired.

Yields 1, and does not return the bucket.

Once crafted, you can either use it bare, i.e. embed it into a wall, or you can top it with one of four materials to use it along with the kitchen cabinets below. Just place one back into the crafting grid and add the appropriate material in the slot(s) above it:

For a formica-colored wooden top like the basic kitchen cabinets below, put a standard wooden slab in the slot directly above the dishwasher. Or, you can use the thinnest cut of Moreblocks/Stairsplus wooden slab that can be made with the circular saw included in that mod. While the former is easier to make, the latter is much more efficient.

For a steel top, either add a row of three steel ingots directly above the dishwasher, with the dishwasher in the center spot in the lower of the two rows, or use Moreblocks' circular saw to cut the a default steel block into the thinnest possible slab you can get and use that directly above the dishwasher. As with wood, the former is easier to acquire, but the latter is a bit more efficient.

For marble, put either a Building Blocks marble slab, or the thinnest cut of Technic's marble slab (but not marble bricks slab) from the circular saw in the spot above the dishwasher. As with the other recipes, it's more efficient to use the circular saw to cut Technic's marble block.

For granite, use the thinnest cut of granite slab the saw can produce. Either the granite produced by the Technic mod, or the substitute node provided by building_blocks will work here (they're the same thing anyway).



Steel-topped kitchen cabinet.

Marble-topped kitchen cabinet.

Granite-topped kitchen cabinet.
Basic kitchen Cabinet: Carries 24 inventory slots with it, meant to imply a typical two-door kitchen cabinet/cupboard with a formica or light, sanded-wood countertop. Craft six wood in the left and right columns, and three sticks down the middle. Yields 1.

By default, these cabinets come with a sort of formica-colored wooden top, but they can also be topped with "stainless" steel, marble, or granite. For any of these, start by placing one cabinet back into the crafting grid, then add either a row of 3 steel ingots, or a Stairsplus thin steel block slab, or a Building Blocks marble slab, or the thinnest of the granite slabs from the Moreblocks circular saw, just as in the dishwasher recipes above.

half-kitchen-cabinet Half-size Kitchen Cabinet: A half-sized version of the above (wooden top only), with 12 inventory slots. This one mounts against the ceiling, and is meant to suggest those smaller cabinets most homes have over the kitchen sink and/or stove. Place one of the above full-size cabinets back into the grid to get them. Yields 2.
kitchen-sink Kitchen Sink: Yes, this mod actually does come with everything including the kitchen sink! It contains an under-sink cabinet with 16 inventory slots. Craft six wood in the left and right columns, one stick at the bottom, and a steel ingot in the center and top-center spaces. Yields 1.
kitchen-faucet You'll likely want a modern-looking faucet to put on top of that sink. Well this mod has one! Start by crafting a bathroom faucet using the ingots-and-bucket-of-water recipe in the bathroom section. Then place one of those back into your crafting grid along with two steel ingots, in the pattern shown here. Right-click it and it'll start flowing, as long as there's a sink in the node below it. Yields 1.