The Home Decor Crafting Guide

Other Kitchen/dining room Stuff

copper-pans Copper pots/pans. You'll need something to cook with, right? Well at least to hang on the walls in your kitchen anyway! Craft these from two copper strips and four copper ingots. Yields one set.
cutlery A basic set of kitchen/dining room cutlery. Designed to sit on the 3dforniture/"Utility" table, but it'll fit any node-sized object. Craft it from two steel strips, one marble slab, and one drinking glass in the pattern shown here. Yields 1.

If you have Moreblocks/Stairsplus, you can use the thinnest cut of marble "microblock" in place of the slab (the one in the top row, far left in the saw). This is much less wasteful than using a slab.



Here's a simple brown glass bottle one can set on the counter or table. Craft it from a glass bottle from the default Vessels mod, and one portion of brown dye to its right. You can also make these in green. Yields 1 in either case.
brown-bottle 4-pack You can also combine these bottles into packs of four, either all brown, all green, or two of each. Simply place exactly those combinations into the crafting grid. Yields a single four-pack in each case.
green-bottle 4-pack multi-bottle 4-pack
beer-taps If you need something to drink, try a frosty cold beer. Well of course it's just decorative, but here's a beer tap you can fill your glasses with. Craft it from five steel ingots, two sticks, and two kitchen faucets as shown here. Yields 1.

Now, to get a mug of beer, wield a plain, empty drinking glass (from the vessels mod), and punch the taps. The drinking glass will be taken (or one from your stack will be deducted) and a mug of beer will be added to your inventory. Like the empty drinking glass, the mug can be placed on a table; it does not provide any sustenance.

vending-machine Maybe you want a Coke instead? Well this mod has a vending machine too! Craft it from 7 steel ingots, one copper block, and one red dye, in the pattern shown. Yields 1.

One gold ingot plus one steel sword yields 15 coins.

One gold block and one mese sword yields 50.

One of the smallest cut of Moreblocks' gold microblock and one stone sword yields 5.
That coke machine works, too! To get a soda, you'll need some money. Craft some coins from one of the recipes at the left.

Once you have some coins, simply wield one and punch the soda machine and it'll pop out a can of soda. When consumed, it restores 1/2 heart.

coffee-maker Doing some late-night mining? You'll probably need something to help you stay awake. Soda and beer probably won't do that, so make some coffee! Well, you can do that in the real world anyway. For decorative purposes, here's a coffee maker for your Minetest home.

Craft it from six plastic sheets, a heating element, a glass block, and a bucket of water. Yields 1.

toaster Or, maybe you're just sitting down for breakfast? Well, you've got the coffee maker, and you've got the cutlery, but nothing to eat? Well here's a toaster! Ok, it doesn't use any kind of bread yet (maybe in the future). Craft it from four steel ingots and two heating elements as shown here. Yields 1.
paper-towels Ok, you made a mess while you were making breakfast, now you gotta clean it up. Well the easiest way to do that is with paper towels! Craft a roll/dispenser of them by just placing two rolls of toilet paper from the bathroom section into the crafting grid side by side, as shown. Yields 1.