The Home Decor Crafting Guide

Item Frames/Pedestals

This modpack includes my fork of Zeg9's Item Frames mod.


Item frames hang on the wall, while pedestals stand on a floor space.
The basic operation of this component is simple: craft either an item frame or a pedestal, place it, then wield the item that you want to display and right-click the frame or pedestal while holding that item. The item will appear in the middle of the frame or will float above the pedestal, rotating.

Only the owner of the frame or pedestal can remove the item on display.

Items will be given pack on punch/dig, and will persist after a /clearobjects or similar action.

item-frame Craft an item frame from eight sticks and a sheet of paper in the pattern shown here. Yields 1.
pedestal Craft a pedestal from seven stone (which you can get by cooking cobblestone, as usual) in an "I" pattern as shown here. Yields 1.