The Home Decor Crafting Guide


Home Decor is what I consider to be a fairly feature-filled home decoration modpack. It supplies a bunch of stuff found in and around most homes, like window shutters, flower pots, home electronics, tables, kitchen stuff, bathroom fixtures, and lots more. You name it, it's probably here - or it will be sooner or later!

Most stuff can be made from materials found throughout a vanilla game world. Some stuff can only be crafted by using materials from a non-default mod (look for the orange highlights). Currently, this mod can also use materials/recipes from More blocks and Mesecons if either of those are installed. A few things require colors from Unified Dyes, More Ores, or Technic, but everything else can be made from materials present within this modpack or in the default game mods.

This mod gets frequent updates, and may occasionally act differently from what these pages say. Hopefully that won't happen too often. :-)

Use the menu below to find the section you want in this Crafting Guide (each page opens in a new tab - just close that tab to return to here).


A house on my Creative server, built using some of Home Decor's components.

The interior of that same house, showing more of Home Decor's offerings.

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