The Home Decor Crafting Guide

Misc. Home Electronics/Electrical

stereo Home Stereo Receiver: Craft 5 plastic sheets in an upside-down "U" along with two IC's in the middle and bottom-center, and two steel ingots. Yields 1. Does nothing, purely decorative.


Television: Craft five plastic sheets in an upside-down "U" along with one piece of regular glass, a power crystal, and two IC's. Yields 1. Adds a small amount of light and displays a slideshow of several photos (currently there are 8 images, which switch every 10 seconds).

You can also use one Moreblocks Glow Glass (not the "Super" one) in the middle and three IC's across the bottom.

plasmascreen If the above CRT-style TV is the wrong type for your house (or you just want something bigger), try crafting this flat-panel plasma display instead. Use five glass, two steel ingots, one copper ingot, and one lump of coal in the layout seen here. The screen occupies a 3x2 space on the wall, and displays a slideshow of several images, similar to the CRT television above. Yields 1.
plasmascreen-stand If you need to floor-mount it, you can do so by crafting a stand from two sticks, one lump of coal, and one steel ingot, in the pattern shown in the second picture. Place one of those on the ground, then place the plasma screen against it. The stand occupies the node space behind the bottom-center position of the screen.
phone Here's your basic desktop land-line telephone. This one's modeled in the older style than what most people probably have for their land-line phones, but it still fits the style of this game anyway! Craft it from four steel ingots, two sheets of plastic, one spool of copper wire, and two speaker drivers (one of which represents the handset's microphone). Yields 1. Decorative only - don't expect to do VoIP with it!
speaker-small Small Loudspeaker: Craft one black wool or black cotton, one speaker driver, and one block of wood in a row in the positions shown here (you can use any row). Yields 1. Does nothing, purely decorative.
speaker-large Large Loudspeaker: Basically a larger version of the above. Craft three black wool or cotton in a column on the left, three wood on the right, two speaker drivers in the top-center and center positions, and another wood block in the bottom-center position, as shown here. Yields 1.

Punch it to take the front off or put it back on. Like the small one, this doesn't actually DO anything else - it is purely decorative.

projection-screen-material Projector Screen: Craft six plastic sheets on the bottom two rows, plus one glass block in the middle of the top row. Yields 3. Does nothing, purely decorative - basically a slightly-shiny grey wall hanging.

First craft a VCR item...

...and craft a DVD player...
You can get a decorative DVD/Vcr combo to place on top of the TV by crafting them separately and then combining the results.

The VCR is constructed from three plastic sheets, three iron lumps, a steel ingot and one IC in the pattern shown in the first picture here.

The DVD Player is crafted from one plastic sheet (which represents a DVD disc), two motors, one obsidian glass, one Mese Crystal fragment, one IC, and one power crystal.

Then just combine the two resulting craft items in the grid in any positions to yield the placable DVD/VCR combo.



A nice wood-trimmed analog wall clock is found here. This and all other clocks shown below are strictly decorative - they don't show the actual time.

Craft it from six sticks, two portions of black dye, and one IC as shown. Yields 2.

You can also get this in white plastic by using 6 plastic sheets in place of the sticks.

digital-clock Analog too plain and old-fashioned for you? Ok, make a digital clock then! Craft this one from six sheets of plastic, one sheet of paper, one IC, and one power crystal, as shown here. Yields 2.
alarm-clock Need to wake up early for that big build? Ok maybe not, but at least there's a decorative alarm clock to put on your nightstand! Craft it from six sheets of plastic, one power crystal, one speaker driver, and one of the above digital clocks. Yields 1.
grandfather-clock If the smaller clocks aren't good enough, try building a grandfather clock instead. Make it from six hardwood slabs, two brass ingots, and one of the above wood-trim analog clocks.
outlet Every home has power outlets scattered around, so Homedecor surely must make it possible to create some for your home as well, right? Yep! Of course, these are just decorative, but that's okay, that's the point of this mod. Craft three plastic sheets and two copper strips in the pattern shown here. Yields 1.
light-switch Where there's a power outlet, there's probably a light switch, and sure enough Homedecor has one! Craft it from four plastic sheets and three copper strips in the pattern seen here. Like the outlet, it's just decorative, but maybe it will become useful some time in the future - who knows? Yields 1.
doorbell A simple doorbell. Makes a nice classic "ding dong" when punched. Craft it from one of the above wall switches, a Power crystal, and a speaker driver. Yields 1.