The Home Decor Crafting Guide


glass-table-small-round Small Glass Tabletop, round: Craft five glass blocks in a "+" pattern. Yields 15. Recyclable (see above).
glass-table-small-square Small Glass Tabletop, square: Place two round tabletops into the grid side by side anywhere on the grid to get the square-cornered version. Yields 2. Recyclable.
glass-table-large Large Glass Tabletop: Place two of the above square glass table onto the grid side by side to get the tileable square version. Yields 2. Recyclable.
wood-tabletop-small-round Small Wood Tabletop, round: Craft five wood blocks in a "+" pattern. Yields 15 small, round tabletops.
wood-tabletop-small-square Small Wood Tabletop, square: Place two round wood tabletops on the grid side by side to get the small square version. Yields 2.
wood-tabletop-large Large Wood Tabletop: Similar to the large glass table - place two of the above small square tabletops onto the grid side by side to get the tileable version. Yields 2.
recycle-wood-table All of the wooden tables can be crafted into sticks by placing three of any one type back onto the grid, in any positions. Yields 4 sticks.
table-legs-brass Brass Table Legs (requires Moreores or Technic): Craft five brass ingots in an upside-down "T". Useful along with any of the glass tabletops. Yields 3 sets of legs.
table-legs-wrought-iron Wrought Iron Table Legs: Similar to the brass ones above, but using iron lumps. Yields 3.
utility-table-legs Wooden Utility Table Legs (for two-part tables): Craft 7 sticks in an upside-down U. Useful with the small square tabletop above. Yields 1 set of table legs.
3dfurniture_table Wooden Utility table, 3d style: An alternative to the double-node tables above. This one doesn't use the separate legs/tops method as the other ones do. Craft it from three wooden blocks and two sticks as shown. Yields 1.
3dfurniture_table-white 3dfurniture_table-mahogany
You can color these white or brown ("mahogany" as generally referred to elsewhere in this Wiki) by putting one back into the crafting grid and adding a portion of white or brown dye.
3dfurniture_chair Wooden "kitchen" Chair: The partner to the above table. Craft it from two blocks of wood and three sticks as shown. Yields 2.
3dfurniture_chair-blue 3dfurniture_chair-blue
These chairs are available with several colors of cloth seats: black, red, green, blue, violet, and pink. To get one of those, place one of these chairs back into the crafting grid and add block of wool in one of those colors, or a block of white wool and a portion of dye of the appropriate color.
3dfurniture_armchair Large armchair: If one of the above chairs is the wrong style for your home, try an armchair instead. Available in black, red, green, blue, violet, and pink. Craft three wool of exactly one of those colors plus two wood blocks in the pattern shown here. Yields 2.
lrfurn-chair If you don't like the style of the above chair, maybe this one from the lrfurn mod will better suit your fancy? Craft it from one wool, one wood slab, and one stick, in the pattern shown here. Yields 1. Available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, black, grey and white.
lrfurn-sofa-short Need to seat more than one? Build a short sofa (also called a loveseat in some locales). Build it from two each of wool, wood slabs, and sticks, in the pattern shown here. Available in the same colors as the above chair. Yields 1.
lrfurn-sofa-long Ok maybe even that is too small. In that case, craft a full-size sofa (occupies three nodes in length). Use three wool, three wood slabs, and three sticks, in the pattern seen here. Yields 1. Same color choices as above.
lrfurn-endtable Along with these couches and chairs is a basic endtable. Craft it from two wood slabs and two sticks, in the pattern shown here. Yields 1.
lrfurn-coffeetable A basic coffee table can be crafted similar to the above endtable. Just use three slabs and two sticks in the layout seen here. Yields one, occupies two nodes.
nightstand-oak-one-drawer Oak Nightstand with One Drawer: Craft one small oak drawer above one block of wood. One-drawer nightstands provide a small inventory to store stuff in (like a chest, but with eight slots instead of 32). Yields 1.
nightstand-mahogany-one-drawer Mahogany Nightstand with One Drawer: Craft one oak nightstand with one portion of brown dye, or Unified Dyes dark orange. Yields 1. Eight-slot storage space.
nightstand-oak-two-drawers Oak Nightstand with Two Drawers: Craft two drawers above one wood block, or craft a one-drawer nightstand above a single drawer. This one stores twice as much as the one-drawer version (like a chest, but with 16 slots instead of 32). Yields 1.
nightstand-mahogany-two-drawers Mahogany Nightstand with Two Drawers: Craft a two-drawer oak nightstand with one portion of brown or dark orange dye. Yields 1. 16-slot storage space.
wardrobe A basic bedroom wardrobe cabinet is available. Craft it from three drawers, two blocks of wood, and one kitchen cabinet. Yeah, that seems a little weird in the real world maybe, but it seems to make sense in the crafting grid. ;-) Yields 1.
wardrobe-clothes If you right-click on the wardrobe, you not only get a small storage area, but more importantly, you can use it to change clothes ("skins" as they're usually called)! Offered here are five female and five male skins. Simply click one to switch to it. The bottom two rows of the display are taken from the first 10 slots of your main inventory (i.e. your hotbar plus two more).

Note that the wardrobe does not remember what you selected between restarts.

bed-blue If you need a small bed, we've got one! It's available in several colors: red, orange, yellow, dark green, blue, violet, dark grey, and pink. Craft it from two wool of the desired color, one white wool, two sticks, and two wood, in the pattern shown here (substituting the desired color in place of blue in the recipe). Yields 1.

These beds are stackable too! To get this effect, place one bed on the ground (or whatever), then point at the top of the selection box and place another bed directly on top. As long as you're facing roughly the same direction as you were when you placed the first bed, Home Decor will extend the bottom bed's footboard to connect it to the top bed, so that they form a classic set of "bunk" beds.

king-bed Zoom

If you place two beds of the same color side by side, Homedecor will replace them with a king-sized bed model. If you need to place two separate beds of the same color, as in the left half of this image, just hold your "sneak" key (usually "Shift") while you're placing them. King sized beds do not have a "bunk" equivalent.

When you dig the king-size bed, you'll get the whole bed, but if you'd rather get back the two separate "twin" sized beds you originally placed, hold "sneak" while you dig.

desk A basic desk can be crafted from three wooden slabs, two small drawers, and three blocks of wood. Yields 1. This desk may seem a tad expensive, but it's 2 nodes wide, so it's also kinda big! When placing a desk, always aim at the space that the left side of the desk should occupy, as the code will always place the desk there and one space to the right (assuming it can find an empty space to do so, otherwise it will refuse to place it).

You can use Moreblocks default wooden slabs also.

filing-cabinet If you have a desk, you'll probably want a filing cabinet to go with it, so here it is! Craft it from one drawer with four wood blocks surrounding it. Has a 16-slot inventory. You can create a locked version by placing one back into the crafting grid along with a steel ingot, as usual. Yields 1.
office-chair-basic If you have that desk and filing cabinet, you'll probably want something appropriate to sit on. For that, here are a couple of styles of office chairs. Craft the basic model from two sticks, a wrought iron pole, two black wool, and a steel ingot in the pattern shown here. Stands about 1.5 meters tall. Yields 1.
office-chair For a fancier, more upscale version with armrests and a deep, polished wood finish, use three bundles of sticks, a wrought iron pole, a steel ingot, a sheet of plastic, a portion of black dye (these last two together represent the seat cover), and two wool in any colors (represents the padding inside the seat), as shown. Stands 1.5m tall. Yields 1.
openframe-bookshelf If you don't like the look of the "full size" book shelves, you can craft some half-depth ones using a slightly cheaper recipe - four wood and three books, as shown here. Yields 1.
bench-style-1 This mod also has garden benches available, in two styles yet. The first style is common in parks and recreation areas while the second style is found in the back yard or on the back porch/deck of many middle-class American homes.

For the "park" style bench, craft six wood (any kind) and two wrought iron poles (not the fences) in the pattern shown here. Yields 1. This object is two nodes wide. When you place it, aim at the node where the left end should go.

bench-style-2 For the "backyard" style bench, craft three "oak" shutters, three blocks of wood (any kind), and two wooden slabs in the pattern shown. You can use regular wood slabs or the ones from Moreblocks, as long as they're both the same. Two nodes wide, like the first style. Yields 1.
bench-simple Also available is a more simple type of bench, seen here. This one can be crafted from five wooden slabs in an upside-down "U" shape as shown. Either Moreblocks or regular wood slabs will work (must all be the same). Yields 1.
deck chair Here's a lounge chair like you might find on on the back porch, on a beach, or maybe on a cruise ship deck. Craft it from six sticks and three terrycloth towels. It's two nodes long; point at the spot where the foot of the chair should go and the head/back of the chair will be directed away from you. Yields 1.
deck chair Put a portion of blue dye next to one of those chairs to get a blue/white striped version.