The Home Decor Crafting Guide

Fire and fireplace stuff

This modpack includes jp's fake fire mod, based on semmet9's and LazyJ's mod of the same name (but rewritten entirely), which makes it fairly easy to craft fireplaces, but without the risk of burning your house down!
fire-flint-and-steel To get started with fake fire, you'll need some way to strike a fire in the first place. For that, a little flint and steel will be helpful. To get them, craft an obsidian shard with a steel ingot - Place the steel ingot in the crafting grid one space below and to the right of the shard as shown here. Yields 1.

Now that you have flint and steel, wield it and punch something with it to set a fire on top of it. If you punch snow or ice, you'll set an "ice fire", basically a blue flame rather than orange/yellow.

Punch a fire once after you set it, and it will start to smoke.

fire-glowing-embers Here's a useful item to put under one of those orange flames: some glowing embers. And it's animated too! Craft one torch and one wood (any kind of wood in the group so-named). Yields 1.
chimney Brick chimney: Well let's face if, if you have a fireplace, you need somewhere for the smoke to go. For that, here's a basic brick chimney. Craft it from six bricks in two opposite columns, leaving the center column empty, as shown. Yields 2.
fire-sandstone-chimney-top fire-stone-chimney-top
Although they weren't directly created for this purpose, a nice decent top for the chimneys above can be made from a torch and a sandstone slab, placed in the pattern seen here. You can also made these out of stone. Yields one in either case.
barbecue Those embers have another use: you can make a barbecue grill out of them! To get one of those, craft three steel ingots, two wrought iron poles (represents the legs), a block of embers, and one chainlink fence (represents the grating you actually cook on). It's purely decorative, and occupies two nodes (vertical). Yields 1.