The Home Decor Crafting Guide

Fences and Gates

Some of the fences in this section have a "corner" version and/or a gate or door to go with them. Gates all open/close with a right-click, and can be created by placing one fence into the crafting grid by itself (yields 1 gate). These gates can be converted back into fences the same way. Where available, corner versions of the fences can be crafted by simply placing two two of the desired fence into the craft grid in any positions. These corner pieces can be split back into regular fences by placing them back into the crafting grid.
fence-brass Brass Fence/railing (requires Moreores or Technic): Similar recipe and the same draw type as regular wood fences: Place six brass ingots in two rows (at the top or bottom). Yields 6.
fence-wrought-iron Wrought Iron fence: Similar to the brass one above, place six iron lumps in two adjacent rows (at top or bottom). Yields 6.
fence-picket Picket Fence: A simple, unpainted "oak" picket fence with pointed tops. Craft eight sticks in a square, with the center empty. Yields 6. Corners and gates available.
fence-picket-white Classic White Picket Fence: Just like you see in old photos and movies. Craft eight sticks in a square, with a portion of white dye in the middle. Yields 6 fences. Corners and gates available.
fence-privacy Basic privacy Fence: Like the kind you put around a back-yard pool. Craft six wood in the two side columns and a stick in each of the top- and bottom-middle spots. Yields 6. Corners available, but if you need a gate for this type of fence, use a door.
fence-barbed-wire Old-style Barbed Wire Fence: Like the kind that surrounds most farms, particularly along highways. Unlike real ones, this fence does not do any damage to the player. Craft six sticks in the left and right columns, and one spool of steel wire in each of the top-center and bottom-center spots. Yields 6. Corners and gates available.
fence-chainlink Chainlink fence: Like the kind usually seen in peoples' yards in urban areas. Craft five steel ingots in an upside-down "L" shape, and four spools of steel wire in the remaining slots. Yields 9. Corners and gates available.
fence-wrought-iron-2 Another type of wrought fence is available here. This one is meant to look like the kind you might find in an old church mission or around a back yard, or something similar. Craft it from two wrought iron poles (not the above type-1 fences) and two lumps of iron, as shown here. Yields 2. Corners available; if you need a gate, use the corresponding door.
banister Banisters for stairs and decks are available. When placed, the code will try to figure out whether you're placing it against the left or the right side of the stairs or on the ground, and which way the stairs go (if any). If you place a banister and then, while facing roughly the same direction or turned around 180 degrees, the code will try to "follow along" when you place the next one, so that, for example, angled banisters flow reasonably well into horizontal ones. Note that these are mostly only designed to match well with each other, not necessarily with the other fences in this section.

Available in all-wood, dark wood with white uprights, all-wrought-iron, and brass with white uprights. Craft the all-wood one from three wood and two sticks, in the pattern shown here. All of these patterns yield 2.


White/dark: three wood, two sticks, one white dye, and one brown dye

Wrought-iron: Five wrought iron poles.

Brass: Three brass ingots, two sticks, and one white dye.
garden-lattice Here's one of those criss-cross "lattice" decorations used in some peoples' gardens, porches, or as fancy fences. Craft it from four wood and four sticks (any kinds of both) as shown. Yields 8.
garden-lattice Same thing, but in white. Craft it from four wood, four sticks, and one portion of white dye, as shown here. Yields 8.
garden-lattice You can also put "ivy" on the lattice. Craft it the same way as the above, but add leaves (any kind) in the center space. Yields 8.
garden-lattice The white version of the lattice can also take "ivy", but the recipe is slightly differet here - three wood, four sticks, one white dye, and one portion of leaves. Yields 8.