The Home Decor Crafting Guide


All of these doors default to placing a left-opening variety. If you place a door, and then place a second one to its right, the second door will become right-opening, allowing for automatic placement of double doors (similar to the default doors mod). Hold your "sneak" key (usually Shift) while placing a door to force it to be right-opening when it otherwise wouldn't be. All doors return the left-opening variety when dug.

Most of these doors flip open/closed with a right-click, and in the presence of Mesecons signals also (e.g. a pressure plate next to a door will open it when stepped on). The exception is the Japanese door at the end of this list - right-click *slides* it to the side to open.

door-plain Basic wooden door: This is a simple wooden door without any cuts or windows. Craft six wood in two columns, just like a default door, but also add one steel ingot at the right-center. Yields 2.
door-fancy Fancy Exterior Wood-and-Glass Door: A Dark wooden door with a frosted-glass top insert. Craft five wood planks and one glass block in two columns. Yields 2.
door-exterior Here is somewhat less-fancy exterior/"front" door. Craft it from two glass, four wood, and a brass ingot. Yields 1.
door-exterior And here is another style of basic exterior/front door. Craft it from four wood, two glass, and one iron lump. Yields 1.
door-wood-glass Decorative Oak-colored Wood-and-Glass Door: This one is the sort that might be used to separate two related rooms from one another (rather than a room from a hallway), or as a front door. Most useful alongside windowed walls. Craft three wood and three glass in an alternating pattern as shown. You can also use the inverse of this pattern. Yields 2.
door-wood-glass-white Decorative Wood-and-Glass Door: White version. Craft a few of the above oak wood-and-glass doors, then put two into the craft grid along with a portion of white dye, in any positions. Yields 2 white doors and an empty bucket.
door-wood-glass-brown Decorative Wood-and-Glass Door: Mahogany version. Put two of the above bare/oak doors into the craft grid along with one portion of brown or dark orange dye. Yields 2.
door-bedroom Bedroom door: Most bedrooms have a basic white, paneled door on their entryways, so this should do the job. Craft it from one of the above "plain" doors, along with two white dye and a brass ingot. Yields 1.
door-closet Oak Closet Door: Basically a lightweight door one might use to close off a closet area or perhaps a basement. Craft six sticks vertically and one steel ingot at left-center as shown. Yields 2.
door-closet-brown Mahogany Closet Door: Craft two oak closet doors with one portion of brown or dark orange dye. Yields 2 doors of the same opening direction.
door-glass Upscale Glass Office Door: Just like it sounds - the sort of fancy-schmancy all-glass door you find in offices in upscale buildings, particularly for the higher-ups of a company. Craft five glass plus one steel ingot as shown. Yields 2.
door-wrought-iron Wrought-iron door: This one is the companion to the second type of wrought iron fence mentioned elsewhere in this document, is also available. Craft it from three wrought iron poles and three lumps of iron. Yields 2.
japanese-wall A Japanese-style paper-and-wood wall and door can also be crafted. First you have to craft the wall pieces, which you can get from three sticks and three pieces of paper in the pattern shown here (or use the inverse of this pattern). Yields 1.
japanese-wall2 japanese-wall3
This craft gives you the top section of this door/wall type. Each section of the wall can be obtained by placing one of the other pieces back into the crafting grid, in rotation.

Top → Middle, Middle → Bottom, Bottom → Top.

japanese-door Now that you have some wall pieces, use one each of the top and bottom pieces to craft a door. Just place a top above a bottom in the crafting grid, as you see here. Yields 1.

When right-clicked, the door will shift slightly toward you and slide to the left into its open position. Its selection box will cover it AND the doorway to remind you that the door occupies both spaces.