The Home Decor Crafting Guide


oil-extract Oil extract: Place six leaves into the crafting grid in any positions to get 4 portions of raw oil extract. You can use any kinds that are in the "leaves" group (i.e. default leaves, Moretrees' leaves, etc) - mix and match as you see fit. The resultant oil is useable as a fuel also.
paraffin Paraffin: Cook one portion of oil extract to produce a portion of paraffin (wax). This is used to create plastic sheeting as well as other items. The resultant paraffin is usable as a fuel, though there isn't much point in burning it.
plastic-sheeting Plastic sheeting: Cook one portion of the above paraffin to get a sheet of plastic. Simple enough, right? :-) Plastic sheets are usable as fuel, though again there isn't much point in burning them.
terracotta-base Terra Cotta Base: Craft one block of dirt, one lump of clay, and one bucket of water, in any positions on the grid. Yields 8 lumps of terracotta base and one empty bucket.
terracotta-tile Terra Cotta Piece: Smelt one lump of the above terracotta base to get one terracotta tile for use on roofs and flower pots.
recycle-glass-table Glass Recycling: All three of the glass tabletops mentioned in the furniture section can be placed back into the grid to recycle them into glass fragments via the default game's Vessels mod. Ditto for the glass skylights. Three tabletops in any positions on the grid (but all must be the same type) become one pile of glass fragments. Once you've got some glass fragments, just stick them in a furnace and smelt them back into glass blocks. Yields 1 glass block per pile of fragments.
recycle-skylight Skylights require six pieces, rather than three, but yield 2 piles of fragments.