The Home Decor Crafting Guide


computer-tower A basic computer tower. Craft it from six plastic sheets, two steel ingots, and a mese crystal, in the pattern shown here. Yields 1.
computer-monitor A computer needs a monitor and keyboard! Craft a set of these from four plastic sheets, a mese crystal fragment, and two glass in the pattern shown here. Yields 1.

When punched, the monitor turns on/off.

computer-wifi A simple WiFi router, doesn't do anything of course, except for das blinkenlights. Craft from four sheets of plastic, two steel ingots, and one mese crystal fragment, as shown. Yields 1.
computer-printer Every computer needs a printer as well! Craft from five sheets of plastic, a mese crystal, a portion of black dye, and a steel ingot. You can also use a lump of coal insead of the dye. Yields 1.
computer-vanio Take the game on the go with a laptop. This Pony Vanio can be crafted from four sheets of plastic and a piece of glass. Yields 1.
piepad Laptop not portable enough? Ok, build a tablet then. The PiePad can be crafted from five sheets of plastic and a piece of glass as seen here. Yields 1.
computer-rack-server Your basic high-end rack server. Well, at least it looks like one! Craft it from nine of the above computer towers. Turns on/off when punched. Yields 1.
computer-slaystation Give your kids a little time on a classic gaming console with this Pony Slaystation. Craft it from five sheets of plastic and a block of wood. Yields 1.
computer-slaystation2 Kids too spoiled for the older console? Well if you must, give them a newer model - the Slaystation 2. Same craft recipe as above, except use a steel ingot instead of wood. Yields 1.
wee Ok, maybe they just don't like that brand? Try a Wee then. Also the same craft recipe as the Slaystations above, except use a copper ingot instead of wood or steel. Yields 1.
computer-shefriend For all you classic computer lovers out there, here's a SheFriend SOO. Craft from seven sheets of plastic, one glass, and one wood. Yields 1.
computer-admiral128 What, you say the SheFriend is too new for your taste? Well there's also the venerable Admiral 128! Craft it from three plasic and three steel ingots, in the pattern shown here. Yields 1.
computer-admiral64 The Admiral 64 is the 128's older, less power, and yet more popular brother, and can be crafted from three plastic and three wood as shown here. Yields 1.
computer-specter At the lowest end of the capabilities list is the good old SX Specter. Craft it from 7 sheets of plastic, as seen here. Yields 1.
tetris This modpack even contains a minigame - Tetris - in the form of a freestanding arcade machine! To get it, craft 4 plastic sheets, one glass, two power crystals, and two black dye. Right-click on it to start a game - best if used only in singleplayer mode. Yields 1.