The Home Decor Crafting Guide

Climate control

desk-fan Get a light breeze going with this basic desk fan. Craft it from a motor, one set of fan blades, and two steel ingots as shown here. Yields 1, which turns on and off when punched. When "on", the blades spin and the fan oscillates back and forth! Contributed by Jordach using his hybrid mesh nodes method. If the upper part of this object disappears due to a /clearobjects command or server glitch, just punch the base and it'll return.
ceiling-fan Maybe a desk fan isn't enough air flow? Well turn the ceiling fan on then! Craft it from one motor, one set of fan blades, and a white glowlight cube (not the yellow one). Yields 1. As you might expect, this is ceiling-mounted when placed. You can use Technic's motor in this recipe if so desired.
air-conditioner Sometimes it just gets too hot in the house for a simple fan! Well for that, there's an air conditioner. Well not really, but it looks nice! Craft it from five steel ingots, two motors, a set of fan blades, and one grate as shown here. Yields 1.
heater Ok maybe it's not too hot, but rather it's too cold! In that case, build a heater instead. You can make one of those from five plastic sheets, two heating elements, a set of fan blades, and a motor. Yields 1.
radiator Some people feel that those small space heaters are inefficient, even dangerous. Well, they won't burn down your Minetest home, but maybe the style doesn't suit it? Perhaps this radiator heater will be more to your liking then. We don't have steam heat here, so it's built with electric components instead: Three heating elements, an IC as a controller chip, and four steel ingots, in the pattern shown here. Yields 1.