The Home Decor Crafting Guide

Building Blocks

A number of recipes in this modpack rely on materials found in the building_blocks mod, which is included in the Home Decor modpack. Below is an overview of that mod's recipes and items. Marble, hardwood, fake grass, tar blocks, and grates can be crafted into stairs and slabs via the game's default "stairs" mod using the usual 1-2-3 or three-in-a-row crafting patterns, or if you have Moreblocks, they can be cut with the circular saw into all of the usual stairs/slabs/microblocks/etc. that are available with that mod.

building_blocks-crafts Zoom
Adobe: Craft this from one sand, a clay block, and a default stick.
Roofing: four blocks of adobe.
Fake grass: default leaves above dirt.
Hardwood: default wood and default junglewood in either 2x2 pattern.
Marble: checkerboard pattern of tar and clay blocks as shown.
Grates: steel ingots above default glass.
Wood-framed glass: default wood above default glass.
Fireplace: Two steel ingots flanking a bundle of sticks.
Tar and Tar Base: Craft gravel and coal in either 2x2 pattern, then cook the result.
Streak-free glass: get this by cooking default glass.
Brobble spread: two default brick blocks flanking a block of cobble.
Gravel spread: three gravel in a row.
Bundle of sticks: Four default sticks in a square.
Tar spread: two tar blocks in a row.
B&W marble-ish tiles: 2x2 checkerboard of tar and marble blocks.
Terrycloth towel: three strings in a row.
Tar knife: one block of tar above one default stick.
Granite: 5 tar and four marble in a checkerboard. Only works if Technic is not installed.