The Home Decor Crafting Guide

Bathroom Stuff

3dfurniture_sink Bathroom sink: As mentioned before, this mod has everything *including* the kitchen sink.... Heck, come to think of it, this mod comes with a bathroom sink also! This is a purely decorative wall-mounted marble sink, which can be crafted from a an empty bucket in the middle flanked by two building_blocks marble in a single horizontal line as shown. Yields 1.
medicine-cabinet A simple bathroom "medicine cabinet" as it is called where I am from. It carries a small 6-slot inventory, just right for stashing something to fix you up :-) Craft it from six sticks in two columns and three glass down the center, as shown here. Yields 1.
3dfurniture_faucet Bathroom faucet: A simple wall-mounted faucet, also called "taps" in this mod, to go with the sink and shower below. Craft two steel ingots and one bucket of water in a line as shown. Right click it and it'll start flowing, as long as there's a sink or shower tray one node below. Yields 1.
3dfurniture_faucet You can also get the bathroom faucet in brass, using two brass ingots and a bucket of water. Yields 1.
3dfurniture_showertray Shower tray/floor: The bottom/drain part of a standard three-part shower. Make it from two blocks of marble and one bucket of water, as shown. Yields 1.
3dfurniture_showerhead Shower head: The counterpart to the shower tray above. Craft one steel ingot and one bucket of water as shown. Right click to make it flow, as long as there's a shower tray two nodes below it. Yields 1.
3dfurniture_toilet Toilet: Well, let's face it, sometimes you just gotta go! It's not actually functional of course, but you can flip the lid open/closed with a punch. Makes a flushing sound when closed. Craft it from three blocks of marble in a horizontal line, along with a bucket of water at the top-right and an empty bucket at the bottom-center. Yields 1.
toilet-paper It's white, it's on a small roll, and it goes in your bathroom. If I have to explain further what this stuff is, either you've been living under a rock, or you've been using .... well anyway, craft a roll of toilet paper from a block of wood and a stick (represents the holder/dispenser part) and five sheets of paper. Yields 1.
towel-rod Don't Panic! This mod is Douglas Adams compliant, too!

Here is a decorative towel hanging from a towel rod. Craft two wood, one stick and one terrycloth towel in the pattern shown here.

bathroom-sundries Of course you'll want to brush your teeth once in a while, so this sundries set ought to do. Craft it from two round glass tables, three sheets of plastic, and two sticks, as shown. Yields 1.
bathroom-tiles3 Your basic bathroom floor/wall tile. Shown at the left is the recipe for the common black and white variety that everyone's familiar with. For this one, craft two marble blocks, one portion of black dye, and one portion of white dye in the pattern shown here.

These tiles are also available in several other color combinations (shown in the table below, in order): White/grey, white/dark grey, black/dark grey, white/red, white/green, white/blue, white/yellow, and white/tan.

Like the black and white tile, each craft requires two marble blocks and two dye colors, in exactly the patterns shown (though the whole pattern can go anywhere in the grid of course), and yields 2.

bathroom-tiles1 bathroom-tiles2 bathroom-tiles4 bathroom-tiles-red
bathroom-tiles-green bathroom-tiles-blue bathroom-tiles-yellow bathroom-tiles-tan