The Home Decor Crafting Guide

Basic materials

plastic-strips A few recipes in this modpack require narrow strips of plastic rather than whole sheets. To get these, place three sheets in a row, as shown here. Yields three sets of strips. Each set logically represents 6 individual strips, though they're a single craft item.


Alloy 2 copper and 1 zinc to get 3 brass ingots...

...or alloy 2 copper dust and 1 zinc dust to get 3 brass dust.

Alloyed dust can then be smelted into ingots.

If you don't have Moreores or Technic, use copper, steel and gold.
Brass Ingots: There are three ways to make this, depending on which mods you have.

The prefered way to make brass is with the help of silver from the Moreores mod. This is the standard recipe that this mod uses. Craft one copper ingot with one silver ingot, in any positions. Yields 2.

If you have Technic, then the Moreores recipe will be ignored. Instead, use an Alloy furnace (including the low-end fuel-fired ones) to combine two copper and one zinc ingot or two and one of their corresponding dusts, as shown on the left.

If you're using dusts, you'll need to smelt the resultant brass dust in a regular furnace to get brass ingots.

If you have neither Moreores nor Technic, then a third alternative will be activated: craft one each of gold, steel, and copper ingots to get 3 brass.

In all cases, these brass ingots are compatible with Technic recipes that call for them. Only one of these recipes will be activated at a time, depending on the above mods (or lack of same).

power-crystal Power Crystal: Some items in this modpack rely on this crystal to "power" them. Craft two Mese Crystal fragments, a torch, two diamonds, and a gold ingot in the pattern shown here. Yields 2. This item can be used as fuel, which is also why it's so expensive to make.
silicon Silicon lump: You'll need to craft some silicon, from which the integrated circuits below are made. Do that by placing three sand and one steel ingot into the crafting grid as shown. Yields 4. These silicon lumps are compatible with Mesecons recipes.
ic Integrated Circuit: Craft three silicon lumps and one copper ingot in a square in any place on the grid to get the integrated circuit chips used here and there in this modpack. Yields 4.
heating-element A basic heating element is needed for a few recipes in this mod. Craft it from two copper ingots and one Mese crystal fragment. Yields 2. Note that these don't actually need any electricity, it's just so that this mod has something meaningful to use when a recipe needs something that suggests "heat".
spool-steel A basic spool of steel wire. You know, old fashioned "bailing wire", except this stuff ain't rusted out yet. :-) Craft it from two steel ingots and three sheets of plastic in the pattern shown here. Yields 4.
spool-copper A basic spool of copper wire. Used for a few electrical/electronic recipes here and there instead of just plain copper ingots. Craft it the same way as the above steel wire, just use copper ingots in the recipe instead of steel ingots. Yields 4.
copper-strips It's a simple fact that somtimes an ingot is just way too much metal to use in a recipe, and this can become complicated by the fact that some recipes might need more than one physical item in the grid for the craft to make any sense at all (if you ignored the quantity of metal present in two or more ingots). Homedecor has a few items like this, so they use these copper strips to get around that problem. Craft two copper ingots diagonally as seen here. Yields 12 strips.
steel-strips The same idea also applies to steel ingots. Sometimes to just need to split an ingot into smaller portions, so this mod uses steel strips for a few things. Craft two ingots in the same pattern as with the copper strips. Yields 12.
motor A few items in this mod even require motors in order to work. Like the heating element and other items, they don't actually require any electricity, it's just here to give some realism to the craft. Construct it from two Mese crystal fragments, two of the above spools of copper wire, two sheets of plastic, one copper ingot, and two steel ingots in the pattern shown at the left. Yields 2.
speaker-driver A basic speaker driver is used in a few objects. Otherwise their recipes would be stupid. :-) Craft them from two steel ingots, a spool of copper wire, a sheet of paper, and one iron lump in the pattern shown here. Yields 2.
fan-blades Sometimes it just gets too damned hot in the world. Well that's the theory anyways, and if it does, you'll need some way to cool down. So, there are objects in this mod that use a basic fan blade object in their craft. Craft it from three plastic sheets and a steel ingot, as shown here. Yields 2.
drawer-small Small oak drawer: Some of the furniture in this modpack has one or more drawers, so it makes sense to craft a drawer first before crafting the actual piece of furniture that needs it. Craft two wood blocks and one steel ingot in a horizontal line as shown here. Yields 1.
chainlink-1 A few recipes in this modpack rely on chain links either in steel (which represents wrought iron) or brass. To craft them, place six steel or brass ingots into the craft grid in a sort of diagonal "O" shape as seen here, depending on which kind you're looking for. Yields 12 for either case.
chainlink-brass chainlink-2
If you have the Glooptest mod installed, the above recipe for the steel chain links won't be used, instead deferring to Glooptest's 4-ingot recipe, seen at the left. This "o" shaped recipe yields 8 links instead of 12. The brass recipe above remains unaffected.


From those chainlinks, you can craft a hanging-from-the-ceiling chain which you can climb, or from which objects can be made to look like they're suspended (the chandeliers in the lighting section, for example).

Simply place three steel or brass chainlinks in a column to get the climbable kind. Yields 2.



Also available is an item to cap off the top of one of those hanging chains. The only difference between it and the regular chain is that one end of its model is made to look like a ceiling mount.

Craft it from one chain link and one ingot of the same metal, steel or brass. Yields 1.