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In an effort to end the insane amount of bickering that goes on between Commodore and Sinclair users over whose machine is better, I decided to put up a small page showing in as clear a manner as possible what some games really looked like.

These games were chosen because I have played them in the arcade and on my 64, and of course all of them had to be available for both Spectrum and C64, and have either an arcade, console, or PC screenshot to compare against (i.e. the original version or the closest possible match that I could find). In answer to some people who requested I add games I have not necessarily played, I have began doing so.

In each image, the screenshot on the left is the Spectrum 48K (as far as I can tell!), in the middle is the C64 version, and on the right is the original arcade version, where possible. Where it was not possible to come up with an arcade version, I chose a screenshot from another platform such as DOS or NES to fill in for it.

I tried to pick screenshots from wherever I could get them, showing more or less the same section of each game (even if it's just the loading/intro screen), and I did my best to get high quality images, although some pictures had to be copied from poorly scanned magazines.

Crystal Castles
Marble Madness
Moon Patrol
Ms. Pacman
Pole Position
Skate or Die!
Spy Hunter
Spy Vs. Spy

Feel free to send me additions, corrections, etc.