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Welcome to my C128 "Tower" project page - Version 1
[My first C128 Tower]

This page is intended to present a few pictures and some basic info about my first C128 tower. At the right, the complete picture of the tower, without the case panels in place (they were removed to show off the inside of the machine). Scroll down and click on any image on this page for a slightly larger view. Sadly most of the imagery taken during the building of this tower has been lost, except for these three low-resolution shots, which were originally taken in October, 1998 at the Lansing, IL SWRAP expo, and were borrowed from James Frazier's SWRAP 1998 pictures page.

After reading this page, you may wish to head over to the page for Version 2 of the tower.

Another view of my first tower Here is a closer view of the front panel. From top to bottom are a 1571 drive with home made faceplate, a Cardinal 33.6k modem, a panel full of LEDs and enable/disable switches for the various hardware items inside, and an FD2000. While it isn't visible here, that black stripe below the FD2000 drive is a clear, smoked bezel which holds a 2.5 digit LED digital display and the tower's HDD, Turbo, and Power LEDs, all hidden by the dark color of the plastic. The digital display was configured to show "64" or "128" according to the machine's mode, driven by a couple of transistors hidden inside the front panel. The bottom part of the front of the case, where the "C=" logo sits, actually slides up to cover the drives and such. Sitting on top of the tower in the picture at the top of this page is a Connectix B&W parallel Quickcam. The brown object with the green edge, on the right side just behind the 5.25" drive bays, is either my DigiMax prototype, or my 8BSS prototype (I forget which, it's been too long). The Quickcam interface is not visible here as it was hanging out of the back of the machine.

Inside of my first tower

This is what it looked like inside. At the top left is a stock C128-DCR power supply, which actually powered everything inside the case. To the right, attached to the side of the 3.5" drive bays (just below the 5.25" bays) is a Super Graphix Sr. parallel interface. Just below and to the left is my CMD HD controller board, attached to the corner of the 3.5" drive bays. On the bottom of the case is a CMD RamLink, with a SuperCPU 128 connected to it at the right. Plugged into the RamLink is a CMD Swiftlink cartridge in the pass-through port, and a CMD 1750XL REU in the RAM Port.