We Support our Troops

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OK, here's another page that might offend, but for this page I don't care. I fully support the war in Iraq, and support the coalition troops staying there until So Damn Insane and his family are killed, not just run out of town on a rail. I wasn't sure about whether or not we should go to war, but I saw the report on TV about the sadistic activity of Saddam's sons and decided we needed to eliminate these evil creatures. Saddam is a madman, and a bully and as such, he's a coward, as are his soldiers. A true soldier would not pretend to surrender, then attack. A true soldier would not kidnap a dozen or more innocent women and children, then expect the coalition forces not to shoot the vehicle when they wouldn't stop. All theses actions and more were ordered by the baboon of Baghdad.

Another thing that bothers me are the peacenicks who are protesting the war in Iraq. I don't deny their right to protest, far from it. I do object to the fact that when innocent women in Iraq were raped, tortured and murdered, these peacenicks were no where to be found. Who speaks for those victims?

G-d (see my Spirituality page to see why I spell it this way) is the author of life, and as such, also the author of freedom. Freedom denied, especially when wrapped in the dirty diaper of religious and maniacal despotism, goes against G-d and embraces the evil commonly though of as Satan.

Update: OK, Saddam was captured, his sons are dead, and we are still there. What's wrong with this picture? If you believe what the appointed president says, we are there to continue the war on terror. What exactly is a war on terror? Is there a new map, with a country named terror out there that no one informed me of? We are a nation divided, not just because of the "war on terror": the ones who succumbed to fear and re-elected the Bush machine, and those who knew better, those who knew the real issues in this country are jobs, healthcare and rights for all.

Update: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Iraq, or should I say, Vietnam 2. Yes my friends, we have a war mongering moron in the White House, who is so afraid of criticism, he holds a press conference at a US fort, knowing full well, he is their boss and they will not complain for fear of repraisals, not to mention the fact they are trained to follow his orders. So we will not leave Iraq till the job is done. I would like to know who will determine that? The military contractors that are making the money on all the equipment used there, while our boys and girls are being killed there? Or perhaps when the oil man appointed president gets all the oil contracts out of there. He is now making noise about the newly elected president of Iran. Can we say Invasion?

Don't get me wrong, I am a big believer in Freedom. To me it's not just a word, it's a concept. However, Freedom is not free. It comes from great sacrifices. I just don't think we should be sacrificing our young, when what we should be doing is training the Iraqis to do the job we are doing, not doing it for them. We must also begin to realize and respect the fact that Christianity is not the only belief system out there, and all religious beliefs must be respected. I firmly believe 911 would not have happened were it not for the number one "CINO", George W. Bush. "CINO" stands for Christian In Name Only - that group of people who profess to be of that religion, yet fail to act anything like that which the Christian faith is supposed to be teaching.

Lest anyone feel so, I am not Anti-American. In point of fact, I'm quite proud of the country of my birth. I am however, not proud of the government that other people decided on, because they made poor choices. I believe an entire house cleaning (pardon the pun) is required for this country's very survival, starting with George W Bush. In 229 years, we have forgotten why we broke from England. Everyone in government, Especially George W Bush, needs to be reminded of that. The war was over long ago. Stop the slaughter of our boys and girls. The appointed president wants us to stay the course. The course should be our people coming home, and him being removed from office. He is the reason we were attacked on 9/11, and all his policies are destroying this country. Mr Bush, go home to Texas and leave us alone. To paraprhase a song from the 70's in response to the Vietnam war (another major mistake in American History that made us lose over 50,000 innocent lives), Bring the boys and girls home.

Update: Okay, it's now 2008 and the "war" is still going on and GWB is still in the White House, ruling with an iron fist? Wake up people, the evil dictiator, the traitor, must go and we can't wait till November of 2008 either. Too much damage has been done to our personal freedons, and so much more damage can be done before he is "legally" removed. Write or call your representatives and say, get him and his machine out or you're fired!

Update: Ok, it's November 2009, Bush has been out of the White House for almost a year now, yet the war is still going on... Come on Congress - Enough is enough already.