My views on spirituality

This page might offend or inflame. That is not my intent. My intent is to explain MY feelings about spirituality. Judaism is my base, my foundation, but i'm a spiritualist. I believe for example in Gaia, the Egyption goddess of the earth. It makes sense to me given I believe this is truly a living planet. By saying I'm a spiritualist, It means I believe in the immortality of the soul, a person's spirit. An interesting story I have to tell is what happened when my sainted mom passed on. A couple of days later, a strange white bird, never seen before or since, landed and took up residence in my brother's tree. We both believe it was mother. I quipped to him, see I told you she liked you more than me :) Being a spiritualist makes me believe that we are here for 5 main reasons: to Live, to Love, to Learn, to Teach and to Laugh. I also believe we are all students and all teachers. I believe spiritually we are all androgynous (Elements of male and female), since G*D is androgynous and he breathes life into us. I further believe that our lives are not written in stone before we are born, at least not totally. I believe our life is a river, ever ebbing and flowing based on our words, deeds and actions we do in this life, and like a river, very capable of changing course.

That also explains my own personal belief that jesus was not the messiah. Go back to Genesis G*D created man in his own image. I believe that to be a spiritual image. Jump to Exodus and you see the following (I'm paraphrasing). Moses was asked by Joshua, did he speak to you? Moses replied, he revealed his word to my mind, and the word was G*D, so I believe that when mankind is "ready" for the messiah, it will be a spiritual imprint, it will not be in human form. I also believe the fuss over jerusalem is crazy because I believe jerusalem has not been built yet.The word Jerusalem means city of peace.

Sorry to sound anti-christian, but my co-workers used to try to convince me as to the error of my ways. I always told that their view of G*D was too limiting. I always mentioned that when the comet was in the earth skies, the group Heaven's Gate thought this was the signal to commit suicide and get on the ship. When i saw the comet, I looked up and said welcome visitor. To me G*D is not just about Earth, but all the Universes out there. I know G*D and love G*D. I spell G*D because in my religion, to spell out the name as one says it would be sacriligous.

Many have asked me for an explanation of why I spell the name of the Creator, the "author of all life", G*D. Here is an attempt to explain that. In the Jewish religion, and there are, as stated in another page on this web site, four different branches of Judaism. In the Orthodox community especially, the name of the creator is so sacred, that spelling it out would be almost sacriligious because there is the potential for the name to be defaced, such as when the paper the Name is written on is thrown in the trash, burned, etc. In our tradition, when we do need to discard something with His name on it, we are required to bury it or hide it, in a room specifically for that purpose. I am not Orthodox, but some traditions stick with me. To honor the Creator in this way is one of those traditions.