My "Return"

This page will tell the story of my return to Judaism. In Christianity, when a non-Christian or someone who has fallen from the faith embraces Christianity, the are considered "Born-Again". In Judaism, it's different. Converts to Judaism and those who have left the faith and come back are called returnees. My Bar Mitzvah (a Jewish boy is not Bar Mitzvah'd, it is a Bar mitzvah to reach the age of 13 and a day), was in an orthodox synagogue in Brooklyn, NY. There are 4 branches of Judaism: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist (There is another that claims to be Jewish but we don't discuss them). I never learned hebrew the "traditional" way due to illness as a youth, so I was tutored in hebrew and the prayers for the Bar Mitzvah (which basically means my first Aliyah or "Going Up" to read from the Torah), and as such, acceptance of my responsibilty as a Jewish "adult". Maybe because I didn;t learn in the standard way (going to hebrew school) or for whatever reason, I did not understand what I was praying/reading so I never felt the inclination to go back to temple after my first Aliyah. That changed years later. I was walking in Manhattan (NY, NY to the un-initiated) and all of a sudden was overcome by a feeling. Almost like a voice from within. It told me to return to temple. No the voice did not tell me to kill people :) I believe this was a divine voice, I believe it came from G*D. This in part explains my feelings about the messiah, which you can read on my Spirituality page. I found a temple in Brooklyn, and was made to feel welcome immediately. Unfortunately that feeling doesn't extend everywhere, but that's for another page :)