My 2 cents about "The Passion"

One Jewish person's perspective

As most people are aware, a movie called "The Passion of The Christ," a modern hollywood version of "The Passion Play", has been released and has gotten a lot of air play due to it's extremely controversial depiction of how the Jews of the time supposedly crucified Christ, thereby causing a 2000-year-plus wave of violence and mayhem against the Jewish people.

I firmly believe that a new generation of people can be unduly influenced by this movie, thereby creating new waves of violence against the Jewish people. Many people do not share this concern, and feel that relations between Jews and Gentiles are better than ever. However, there are Jews who do share my concern. A great many people who are not concerned think, "Oh no, the Holocaust will never happen again". Well, my friends, as long as we are guests of "the host" (being this is a Christian country) things can always turn sour, and they can always say "get thee out." Granted, we now have Israel, which actually makes Israel's survival all the more important, since we will need a place to move to if the worst happens. In a way, we are all guests of The Host, if you think of G-D as "The Host."

What people fail to acknowledge about "The Passion," is that the Jews were under strict control of Rome at the time, and were afraid of severe retaliation at the hands of the Romans, if they did not keep things under control. Along comes this rabbi, a rabbi who wishes to change things, and to start trouble between the Jews and the Romans. The ruling Jewish body had no choice but to appease the Romans, and had to give "Yeshuah of Nazareth" (Jesus' real name) to the Roman soldiers to prosecute, torture, and then eventually crucify him. So, they had two choices, but only one was really "logical." First, they could have let him continue his controversial sermons and preachings to the general populace and risk pain, suffering and death for many, or second, just give him up to the Romans.

There are others who believe that it was the Sanhedrin (the ruling body of Judaism at the time), and not the Jewish people as a whole, that wanted Jesus' crucifixtion, because the Sanhedrin had become corrupt and didn't like what Jesus was preaching. However, those same people also say that other than the words of the gospel, no evidence of the actions of the Sanhedrin have been historically proven. In other words, passion week might never have actually happened.

A word or two about the concept of the Jews allegedly killing Christ: I firmly believe that early Gentiles, in an effort to legitimize their belief system, precipitated this concept of the "Jews killing Christ" as a tool to convert many people to their point of view. Obviously this got very out of hand, especially when we look at the history of the world since his arrival and "departure." Here's another thought: if Christ was the son of G-D, as some Christians believe, or as some others believe, if he were G-D himself, then how exactly do you kill a god? Also, the concept of the "immaculate conception" is an echo of ancient Greek and Roman mythology, when gods were believed to have mated with humans.

As stated on another of my web pages on this site, I do not believe Yeshuah was the Messiah, because I do not believe the Messiah will take human form. Colloguially speaking, I also believe the Messiah, when he arrives, will not say "I am the Messiah, the son of G-D," as depicted in "The Passion." I believe the Messiah will be a spiritual imprint, placed on the spirits of all humanity; something that will be felt, not necessarily seen.

I just wish that some Jewish production company in Hollywood or elsewhere, would produce a movie telling the Jewish side of the story.