The origin of the "White Pelican"

Hi there. The story you are about to read is true, the names were changed to protect the guilty, hehe. Ok, here goes. Many moons ago, I started chatting online. I started at an online chat room called "The Park". It was not too difficult to figure out which nickname to use. When I was a kid, other kids used to taunt me because of my name and called me abey baby. Goodness I hated "baby baby can't you hear my beat", and "baby baby, don't get hooked on me" for obvious reasons. Anyway, in a attempt at a catharsis, I chose that name is my 1st screen name. Soon after, i'd get messages from guys (horny little boys, no doubt) used to message me thinking I was a girl. So, since I had made use of that name, and got over in my own mind all the teasing it was time to come up with a new nickname.

I came upon The_Abester. The origin of the abester is as follows. I worked with a guy at one of my jobs who called me "the abester," kinda like Rob Schneider, from Satuday Night Live with his routine. Say someone's name was Steve, Rob would say "The Steve-meister, making copies." Usually Steve would be making copies on the copy machine near Rob's desk. The year I began chatting online, I got word that this friend had died. There was no question what my new nickname would be. I chose the abester to honor him. Then I started using Powwow (a now defunct chatting service). Then I heard about ICQ, and started using that in addition to other chat programs. I changed my name in ICQ to "Animal Lover," then would get messages from other brainless users of the net asking if I was into bestiality. So I decided, I needed a new nickname.

One night, I had an epiphany. Referring back to the index page where I said I'd always been treated like I was different, I began to think about the story, "The Ugly Duckling" by Hans Christian Andersen. It was eye opening. I immediately related to the ugly duckling and realized I really was a swan in the wrong pond, so my nickname became "The Swan." Unfortunately, until recently I felt I would always be searching for the right pond. The good news is, I actually found the right pond and the right mate, we just need to find the right lily pad.

Now we both moved to an area we thought would be a new home, but the entire experiencce there was basically a nightmare, especially financially. When we went on one of our many "flights", roadtrips actually, we spied on something I had never seen in the 4 years we'd been there - a white pelican. I thought wow, these must be rare. It was beautiful! When it was decided we had to leave, it was time for the Swan to leave. What better name to choose than the White Pelican?