I'm Not Ugly!

Ok, why this story? I'm glad you asked. This story also ties into the intro in the index page, where I was always treated differently. Ever since I was young, especially since the age of 6, I've been overweight. It's been a constant battle with weight, with weight winning.

As you well know, kids can be quite cruel. I was constantly made fun of, laughed at, et cetera. I remember one incident quite vividly. Some class clown stuck a pin in my side to see if I would pop because supposedly I was as big as a balloon.

After all this abuse, and constantly hearing I was ugly, I started to believe it. In my day, we had no sensitivity trainers and the like, so it was very difficult to get past that feeling, of being less than everyone else.

In some small way, I'm grateful I wasn't outstanding looking, as it afforded me the opportunity to see people from what they were inside, not what they looked like physically.

Anyway, I was talking with a friend one night till the wee hours of the morning. It was time to perform the dental cleansing procedure :) (had to brush my teeth). I looked in the mirror, and it hit me. Not the mirror, but this feeling. I'm not ugly, I said to my self, I'm actually kinda cute.

Suddenly, all those bad feelings I had about myself went away, and I felt like this weight was lifted from me. It was a wonderful catharsis.

Lesson for everyone, look inside for the beauty in you, and you will surely find it. There is more to us than the shell our spirit resides in.