Farewell to a dear friend.
My tribute to the late, great Karen Jane Winslow.

[Photo of Karen Jane]

"One danced, the other flew.
They loved each other."

A very dear friend of mine, Karen Jane Winslow, originally from my home state of NY, returned home to the bosom of G-D's love on Thursday March 11, 2004. She suffered for years with COPD. I met her in the fall of 1999. We originally met online in a chat room, met in real life, and became fast friends. I considered her my mentor, as she inspired me to do things I hadn't thought of. In some small ways, I also inspired her. That's what friends are for. We spent a lot of time together over the years, and we were each other's sounding board. Mostly, we had fun together. One Karenism that will always stick with me is her phrase "Not To Worry". Another Karenism that will stay with me is "I Hate Computers!". Still another was, "What's the issue?" She was a true gift from G-D to all who knew and loved her. She touched so many lives, and like a star, will burn forever in our minds and our hearts. Rest in peace, sweet sister, and dear friend, till we are reunited. I miss you sis.

Update: On Sunday, March 21, 2004, Patti and Cathy Martin, Vanessa Dannenberg (my fiancee) and I performed a memorial at Fort DeSoto Park in St Petersburg, FL. It involved tying a wig to 2 dozen balloons and releasing it over the water, as seen in the movie "Wigstock". Our original intent was to point it towards the Gulf of Mexico, but G-D had other plans, as it went towards Tampa Bay to the applause of the fishermen on the pier. Before we let the balloons go, we said our goodbyes. After we let the balloons go, a crow appeared above us, and followed Patti back to her car. Draw your own conclusions. Also, 2 dozen flowers were dropped into the Gulf of Mexico, per the request of Karen's friends of many years from #crossdress on Efnet and #transgender on the new Pinkmyst servers.

[Balloons in the Sky]