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Hello. Welcome to my little part of the Internet. I am the White Pelican, formerly The Swan. In a manner of speaking, The Swan died due to hate, greed and indifference. But it can also be said he was reborn, like the Phoenix who arose from it's own ashes. Many have known me by other names. But this is who I am from now on :) All my life, I have been treated like the ugly duckling, like I was different, and less than perfect by others. I finally realized, I'm just like that magnificent swan in the story "The Ugly Duckling" by Hans Christian Andersen. I have found the right pond, or so I thought, and the right mate (definitely), we just need to find the right lily pad. We have been chased from the land that I loved, because we simply could not live there anymore for many reasons. So much for the right pond. We have found a new area to roost and will see if it takes hold. Only time will tell. I became the White Pelican because I saw one in the last place I lived and it was a rare treat and I've always thought I was a rare bird :) Click below for:

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