My "Birth"

Picture of Potomac River

Well, here's my story of my "birth", specifically, my birthplace. Most will not believe it, but who's to say it's not true, for it is said, where does memory or imagination come from? Anyway, several years ago, I went with a former room mate to Fort AP Hill in Bowling Green, VA. Let's back up a sec. I believe everyone has a spirit animal. I believe my spirit animal's are all birds of prey, but the closest one to my heart and soul is the bald eagle. So, here we are at Fort AP Hill, walking around and we some birds in a field and my former room mate exclaims; turkeys! Well, they weren't turkeys, they were bald eagles! So here i am amongst my spirit animals. We walked towards them and they let us get just close enough and then took to the air. Camera in hand, I started shooting. The closer I got, the faster I was breathing.

So after this experience, we decided to drive to Stratford Hall, the home of the Lee's of Virginia. We didn't spend the money to go in, but saw the mansion from the road. After seeing the mansion, we drove to the site of George Washington's Birthplace on Pope's Creek. We drove past the museum and didn't go in because they charged money (we were very frugal). The room mate starts driving, but instead of making a left to head back home, he goes straight. He said, oh I must have taken a wrong turn. Still affected by seeing the eagles, I turn to him and said no you didn't. So we drove on the road we had taken, it was lovely tree lined road. As we approached the end of the road, the feeling I felt by seeing the eagles, got even stronger. We got to the end of the road, and there was a beach. The beach was on the Potomac River. I walked on the beach, looked at the river, looked to my left, looked to my right, and immediately felt not only had I been here before (commonly known as deja vu) but felt this was where I crawled out of the water to 1st be on land, making me really, really old. This could only be described as an ancient memory. It gave me such a feeling of complete fulfillment, like I had in a way come home. From then on, I always look at the Potomac River and say to myself and sometimes out loud, hello Mother. This is when I became spiritually more aware.