About Me

This page is about me, where I was born, my life experiences growing up, etc. I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY, in February of 1956. Things went wrong from the very beginning. I was born breach, and was also blue so I required a complete blood tranfusion. After several days, I had an allergic reaction to baby formula (so family history recalls), and was put in isolation. Needless to say, I survived these "challenges".

While growing up, it was discovered I had an ailment known as Perthes Disease. I was about 6 years old at the time. I was required to wear a metal and leather brace on my left leg for over a year and a half. I was also required to attend 1st grade in a special ed class. Hindsight being 20/20 I am actually grateful to have been put in special ed, as it has allowed me to develop an affinity and sensitivity towards those who are disabled.

After first grade, I went to regular public school. It was at this time that I began to gain weight. I'm sure part of it was the inability to be active during my formative years. Througout my public school years, I never made many friends because I was always treated as being different and was rejected for being fat.

Junior high and high school brought more isolation and rejection. I did however begin to come out of my shell towards the end of my high school years. To that end I joined the debating team, but was not overly successful. In fact I was so nervous I froze on my first ever debate. Now I debate anyone :)

I haven't mentioned many pleasuable events in my life up to this point, and to be honest, there weren't many, but there were some. I have fond memories of spending many summers when I was younger at several bungalow colonies in Upstate NY. When you live in Brooklyn, the Catskills is considered Upstate :)

After High School, I went to community college to take up space, (just kidding), computers. I took to them like a duck to water, but once I graduated, reality set in as to what I needed to do. Some utz of a personel agent had the stones to say, Associates Degree? Oh you're just out of high school. Anyway, I decided I was desperate and took a job doing data entry. Eventually, I moved up to computer operations and then stayed there for awhile till the market died for computer operations on mini computers. By that time I had moved to the Washington DC metro area and spent 15 years there. I went into pc support in late 1993 and was into that in one form or another till I became disabled.

From the time I became disabled until I actually started collecting SSDI, it was a very painful time for me. I got evicted, and lost a lot of my belongings when they were put out on the street. Most of it was my parents' stuff. One scene i will likely never forget, was, that evening was seeing someone picking through what was left, as if it were carrion in the desert.

After moving in with a friend (an unpleasant experience I can tell you), I got very depressed and thought about giving up, and I mean everything. I was at the point of crawling on the floor of my friends house, that's how low I was. I realize now I was going through the fires of hell, and feeling the hammer of the Maker, and by His will, I am here now. I now know I have the strength to help my friends in their hour of need.

I have since moved to Florida with my fiance. We're getting married in October of 2005. That's the plan anyway :) It all depends on when she completes her conversion to Judaism.

Update: The best laid plans, as it is said... We did not get married in October, but we hope to be married soon. Vanessa did convert to Judaism in early December, a fact that I am quite proud of!

Update: It finally happened on April 22nd 2006. We're married!

Update: The rich people of FL chased us out on a rail, so to speak, so now we live in the Midwest -- Southwest Missouri to be specific. After moving here, we were "greeted" with a "rare" ice storm, we lost our power and had to spend almost a week in a warming shelter, which wasn't terrible because we made some new friends. Then several weeks later, mud got into the water supply, requiring us to boil water before drinking it or cooking with it. Then the friendly Canadiens decided to send us their cold temperatures because they decided we didn't have enough troubles :) One hell of a new start, eh?

Update: The east coast has always been home to us in some way or another, so after a lot of research, we took a trip to North Carolina in March, 2011. Originally we did so to check out an apartment, but ultimately it ended up with us just visiting Charlotte and Asheville. As soon as we saw Asheville and the surrounding mountains, we absolutely fell in love! After returning to Missouri, we continued our apartment hunting, focusing on that area. We found a beautiful place in Waynesville, and after checking things out carefully, we gratefully accepted the opportunity. So, after a whole heck of a lot of driving in a very uncomfortable truck, with our car in tow, we made it! As Walter would say, "WE LOVE IT HERE!!" Our cats seem to like it, too. Considering the bad weather that hit that area, it seems that we got out just in time. I think we finally found our lily pad.